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Vehicle Required

Coach Hire Morecambe

Hiring a coach in Morecambe has never been as easy as with Coach Hire Morecambe. We take you to places like The Globe Arena, this stadium offers a great day for a match experience. The facilities and atmosphere of this place are very calm and peaceful, the food is exceptional. For those who love booze, there are bars and clubs in the same stadium.

Morecambe Coach Hire

You can also visit a very beautiful local icon of Eric Morecambe statue, lit up during the night for better visibility. There is a written tribute for the legendary Eric and photo sessions with him would be worthwhile. The platform is a theatre where you can watch performances and acts, quite a number of people hold gigs and the drinks are pretty reasonable. But those are just a few attractions that we can help you tour with our luxurious coaches.

Luxury Coaches

Our luxury coaches are suitable for business trips; we make sure you get to your meetings relaxed and content after a long but comfortable and peaceful journey. We provide transport for schools, in case you have an educational trip or just a leisure trip. For sports teams, we understand adherence to schedules, we will pick you up and drop you off on time for your games. We are also known for providing our coaches for weddings, parties and family vacation tours.

We have made sure that our customers are advanced in technology and that they are as comfortable as they can be. We have put all necessary amenities such for convenient travelling. We have installed WiFi making it very easy for you to work while on the move, make conference calls, send emails and entertain yourself with online books.

We have also installed DVD players where you can watch your movies play your playlists and listen to announcements as you enjoy cold or warm drinks from the facilities. Air conditioning and heating systems, carpeted floors, double glazed windows, safety belts and onset PA system are installed. We have managed to make our coaches as comfortable as possible for the satisfaction of our customers.

Best Travel Service

Our more than just regular service is designed to help you travel with a lot of ease from the first day you book our coaches to the last day of your travel. Our staff is available 24/7 ensuring that you get the best service at the exact time when you need us. With Coach Hire Morecambe, all your transport needs are covered.

We have employed professional drivers who have been fully certified and had undergone training in the same field every often. Our drivers are capable of handling any situation be it a mechanical problem or any other emergency concerns. Riding with us guarantees you safety, comfort and peace with style.

Recommended Transport Providers

We have been in the transport industry for a long time now and have built a good relationship with our clients all over Morecambe and its environs. Our primary aim is to offer excellent travel services at affordable cost. To pay for our services, you can use PayPal, credit card or cash if you can visit our offices in Morecambe.

Coach Hire Morecambe gives you value for your money. Get in touch with us for booking and our able and reliable customer care experts will be ready to assist you.

Minibus Hire

Coach Hire Morecambe is a company that has been known for many years to provide top-notch transportation services at Morecambe. Therefore, when you hire us, you will be getting high quality amenities.

If you want to book for our services online, provide the date of you travel and the number of people you will be transporting. This will enable us to plan for the transportation of your whole group perfectly. In case you want to carry various groups and want several minibuses for that matter, we advise you contact us via mobile or by visiting our offices.

Morecambe Minibus Hire

In matters of giving customers comfortable rides, we do not have a rival. All our executive minibuses come with deluxe seats that are very comfortable and soft. Just imagine yourself riding on such a seat. It's beyond imagination. Besides the seats been extra comfortable, they have spacious leg room so you can be sure your health is taken care of. No back problem that comes with uncomfortable hard seats and foot problems that arise from insufficient leg space onboard vehicles.

Maybe it's a school trip you are planning to Morecambe. Talk to us, and we will offer you one of our luxurious coaches at a very affordable rate. We will also give you a driver that is well experienced in driving and who is trained above the norm to the highest standard of transportation training available in the transport industry today. The drivers are also trained to handle vulnerable adults and children, and so you can be sure they will handle the school kids well.

Best Group Travel

At Coach Hire Morecambe we use a universal language that enables us to understand various kinds of people and to connect with them at their wavelength. This has always let us communicated effectively to our clients leading to trust, corporation, harmony and understanding. It has also lead to reduced tension and stress making your group travel execution an extraordinary travel adventure that is stress-free.

Probably you are thinking whether your team conference carries on is going to fit in our minibus. We know that these are some of the things you will have to put into consideration if you are going to a conference as a team. Well, we thought of that earlier than you, and we have made a solution to it.

The minibuses that we purchase come with very generous underneath storage areas that you may not fill. Also, we have overhead storage compartments for your light luggage. You will not struggle to carry your light luggage on your laps while you are supposed to be relaxing comfortable on your seat.

Friendly And Trusted Staff

When it comes to customer care staff rating, Coach Hire Morecambe has the best staff all round. We have not climbed to that level by taking things simple. We have developed a very effective procedure for recruiting workers that have enabled us to have the best staff. We also have a quality control standard that every worker has to pass before they can give you any service.

With all these and much more to be offered when you choose us for your event travel, why not hire with Coach Hire Morecambe. If you have any question or have decided to book, call us and we will do everything to make sure you travel in style.

Our Morecambe Services

Here at Coach Hire Morecambe, you can expect a fleet of deluxe minibuses and coaches with skilled chauffeurs. We are an expert company and has garnered exemplary transport experiences over the years. We have managed to cater different people and a different number of passengers with no problems.

At Coach Hire Morecambe, we can make ways and accommodate all your travel requests within a budget that will make you smile. If ever you are having problems with travel planning, we can take the problems on out from your own hands and reorganize all of it for your convenience. With us, we can add more fun and travel time while minimising the problems that you already have.

Comprehensive Minibus Services

We only offer our customers receptive and comprehensive minibus services. We do not want you to go through the eye of a needle just to hire a mini bus. We want things simple, straightforward, and very comprehensive. This way, it will save our company and you our customers the time and effort in reserving a transport carrier. We fully understand that the overall planning is stressful and can get out of hands at most time. Which is why our approachable and experienced work staff will work with you to thoroughly to make it as easy as possible.

We serve different types of groups and different people regardless of age and sizes. We accommodate returning local visitors as well as foreign tourists who plan to tour Morecambe. We see to it that our company priority will be upheld at all times in every minibus booking. We emphasise clearly and loudly the importance of safety of the passengers. It is one of our policy that helps us create and build a lifelong relationship with our clienteles. The trust that our customers give to us has built our business into a reputable minibus and mini coach Service Company.

Experienced Minibus Drivers

Coach Hire Morecambe likewise recognises the specific role we have when we take you into our minibuses. Our courteous drivers will be ready on their feet to give you the utmost assistance that you need while on the trip. They provide a travel experience where you will feel safe and well taken care of. You will also get a chance to have a refreshing ride since our minibuses are made sure to be at their best. Each vehicle that we have are cleaned and inspected before handing it over to the passengers.

While we are the best and known for our mini bus rentals, Coach Hire Morecambe is still on the verge of creating different ways and service processes. We aim to be nationally competitive and be renowned not only for service but by vehicles as well. Today, with more rental companies popping out in Morecambe, we are getting more enthusiastic to stay on top and be the best among the rest. The experiences we had with our previous clients has already helped us build ourselves today. We are hoping that the next generation of customers that we will cater will also help us be the best in the future.

Comfortable Travel In Our Vehicles

For now, we have successfully upgraded our line of minibuses into a luxurious vehicle. Our minibuses now have GPS tracking device and the latest PA system in the market installed. Other comfort amenities are reclining seats that are padded with leather, footrests for extra relaxation, and a spacious storage area. We can also attach booster seats for toddlers and additional safety seatbelts fit for children.

Getting around Morecambe shouldn't be a problem on your part as well. Our professional chauffeurs have years of experience in their driving hands. Our transports drivers go through stringent training to be prepped to deliver a smooth, responsive, and reliable service.

They additionally trained and sent to various seminars for road safety and in assisting challenged passengers. That means that they will be able to help passengers with disability problems. They can also assist pregnant women to get in and out of the mini bus. We can also include a ramp for customers who are in wheelchairs.

Utmost Safety And Presentation

We endeavour and work extremely hard for excellence in every single facet of our service. We focus mainly on road and passenger safety, customer satisfaction and service, interior and exterior appearance, and vehicle's mechanical performance.

For all your needs, book a rental minibus at Coach Hire Morecambe for a private group travel. We cover broadly businesses, marriage ceremonies, promenade dances, sporting events, and other events.

Serving the Morecambe for years, we have grown extensively and wish to share what we have improved in our vehicles and services to your travel. If you are planning to travel in or around the Morecambe area, do not hesitate to take on our offered services.

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