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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Morecambe

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Morecambe

Whether you are visiting for business, educational tours, school trips, vacation or maybe a family day out, it is best to visit the amazing attraction sites in Morecambe known for its rich history. The Globe Arena is one appealing, big stadium that known for the big matches that are held, along with a serene and calm stadium, with a cafe for coffee or tea lovers and a bar for those who prefer beer.

The Happy Mount Park is a wonderful place for the kids, or maybe visits with friends for a picnic. On both sides of the long path, the happy mount has beautiful attractions which create a good environment to stroll for lovers or for someone who needs to have a peace of mind. In the park, you find squirrels that make the park a good place for kids. There is also a paid park with fun games for kids like a trampoline, bowling area and so much more. At the end of the park, there is a Cafe where you can grab a quick snack, drink coffee or tea. We will drive you and give you a guided tour of those amazing sites.

Our services are extended to schools both upper and kindergartens. We provide transport for different schools on a daily basis. We take you to and from airports minutes after you book with us, we assist with your hotel booking, help you load and offload your luggage and more. If you are visiting for business, we are here to help.

Our 8 seater minibus hire Morecambe and 14 seat minibus hire are ideal for small groups travelling for meetings all over Morecambe. Our vehicles are highly equipped to ensure that your travel needs are sorted. We drive you to parties or nights out with friends, for your vacation we will take you to the best sites, or for that family day out, we will pick you up at the right time, wait for you as you have fun and drop you off when you are done.

All our vehicles are equipped with the amenities that a very new in the market making our minibuses very comfortable and modern. The benefits you get to enjoy with us are so many to name a few. Wi-Fi which allows you to continue with your normal work routine like make video calls, reply emails, work online or do online exams, school work, upload and download videos and stream live your favorite channels.

Leather recliner seats for your comfort and tranquil, you no longer have to experience the fatigue that comes after a long journey. Tinted windows so that you can enjoy your sleep if you prefer sleeping as you travel, or for your privacy, Carpeted floor which protects your feet from cold, hot and cold drink facilities for your to go drinks. There is so much more you will enjoy with us.

Our drivers are highly skilled and very informed in their job. Most of them have been working with us since the time we opened this company.

We are devoted to fulfilling our customer's expectations.

Contact us to book our 8 seater or 14 seater minibus, and we will be there to assist you.