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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

Booking the services of Coach Hire Morecambe is very easy. We have an elaborate website that allows you to hire our vehicles anytime and from any geographical location. By making us your first choice in easy transportation, we see to it that you ride in Morecambe finest and the most elaborate coach service provider in the world.

Our 49-50 seater coaches come with the most current onboard facilities. They have inner climate control facilities to provide the best environment for a thrilling travel irrespective of the weather outside. These are the air conditioners for a cooling environment during summer and overhead heating systems for a warm environment when the weather is cold.

The comfortable leather seats give you the best comfort your entire journey. They are also recliners, and so you can adjust them to your preferred size. The seat leg room space is amply allowing you to rest your feet at whatever angle you want.

For enjoyment purposes, the 49-50 seater coach come with the most modern entertainment units. Whenever you are onboard, you have the freedom to play any song. In addition to this, you will be served with a choice drink by our service crew during your trip.

We also have ensured all the 49-50 seater coaches have free access to Wi-Fi. This is in line with our main objective that is to offer customers a travel experience they will never forget. You can do anything online at no extra costs since we have made it easy for you.

For your security and the security of our staff, we have ensured all the coaches are monitored with a satellite. It makes it easy for us to respond quickly to the unfortunate occurrence of any emergency. Therefore, be sure whenever you are travelling in these coaches you are covered and safe. The coaches also have insurance covers and license so you can be sure the traffic authorities will not have any problems on the way which can cause you discomforts. At Coach Hire Morecambe, we do everything to make your travel stress-free.

Making your outing or vacation memorable is just one way we personalize your trip to befit your occasion. We are knowledgeable on how to correctly help you in all types of occasions whether formal or informal. In this case, we imagine what your needs are, and we provide a solution to it.

For instance, when travelling during the hot weather, you would feel great if you were served a cold drink to refresh yourself. This is what we do, and we have ensured the vehicles have fridges to keep the refreshments cold. Another example of how we personalize your ride is by making sure the coaches have power outlets. We know how staying online consumes a lot of battery charge, and because we have free Wi-Fi for your online needs, we have the power outlets for your phone charging.

Excellent transportation services do not come without sacrifice. At Coach Hire Morecambe, we have learned to sacrifice all we can to make any trip exciting and be sure we will do the same where it call us to.

If the information above satisfies your need, do not hesitate to call us and we will make sure you are served with pleasure.