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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

Morecambe is a heartbeat of London where there is more than enough tourist attractions, historical sites and museums. If you enjoy walking and viewing sunset along the sea, you will find the Stone Jetty an amazing place. At the end of the Jetty, you find a beautiful Cafe where you can relax after a stroll. The Globe Arena is where you can watch your favourite matches as you relax through the peace and calm.

The platform theatre in Morecambe offers free entertainment during the weekends, where they have celebrities on stage for performances; bands bring their performances to the platform from time to time. If you are looking for a place to hold your gigs, I would highly recommend the platform theatre in Morecambe. With our 57 seat coach, you will visit such places and more.

Out 57 coaches are fitted with modern amenities like DVD and TV screens which give you the privilege to get updated with the news and favourite programs. Whenever you are in a mood to relax, you can listen to music using DVD players, all this is are enabled by just a click of a button. On board is a coffee machine for coffee lovers and a fridge for your chilled drinks, individual air conditioning and an advanced heating system. Provided will be a three point safety belt with fibre giving you not only safety but also comfort.

Services are provided mostly for corporate, in the case where your company has a business meeting, our 57 coach seats are suitable to pick and drop you off in time. Many schools use our services for pick up and drop off. We offer transport back and forth in all the airports in Morecambe. You can also hire our coaches for funerals; we make proper arrangements so that you can be worry-free on this day. For road trips or a night out with friends, we provide luxury and executive coaches so that you can ride in peace as you enjoy time with your friends.

Staffs are highly qualified and certified having been trained and given hands-on experiences. They make sure you enjoy your ride to and from. Our drivers have been trained on defensive driving in case of an emergency. Having worked with them over the years, we can attest that they are experienced, intelligent, friendly, trustworthy and very reliable. They are ever ready to assist you whenever you need help, with them you are in safe hands.

We are devoted to serving our customers without stress. From the time you book with us, you will not need to follow up, because your transport logistics become our business. It is in our best interest to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and comfortable with our services.

For a ride in our 57 seat coach, contact or write to us, get in touch with us on our media platforms. We get you to your destination in style and in time. Comfort, style, reliability and satisfaction are the reason as to why our company continues to grow all over.